Government jobs are known for its stability and security. They offer high pay. The most important factor is to clear the entrance exam associated with it. The difficulty level of these exams is high. High competition and reservation make it even more difficult to crack these exams and get employed.

Every year, while lakhs of students appear for these exams, only a few manage to find employment.

Here’s a list of the top 5 Highest paying Government Jobs in India.

The Indian Administrative Service(IAS)

  • Many candidates aspire to become an IAS Officer but only the finest few and the most talented lot come out with flying colours.
  • The Indian Administrative Service is a branch of the Indian Civil Service.
  • The Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) is the authority, which conducts the civil services exams annually.

Energy and Petroleum PSUs

  • Oil and Petroleum companies make regular and good profits and they share it with their employees.
  • Moreover in a Government Company certain minimum pay as per certain posts and designations is pre-defined so again the payment is pretty good and certainly high compared to other companies.
  • Company like NTPC or National Thermal Power Corporation is among the highest paying companies and is ranked 431st in the world by Forbes.

Indian Coast Guards and Pilots

  • Among the various defence jobs, the job as a Pilot or India Coast Guards is well paid and is among the highest paid Government Jobs.
  • They have their tests and selection process, which as you would expect are pretty tough, since it is a matter of national security.
  • However if you are through; it is indeed among the high paying government jobs.

Government Bank Jobs

  • Banks are one of the highest paying Government Jobs in India and if you happen to be at a higher post in some large PSU like a Bank of India or State Bank of India, then it’s icing on an already high paying cake.
  • Add to that the perks of all those bank holidays, half-days on Saturdays and of course the lowest possible interest rates on Loans, the PF and Gratuity and numerous other retirement benefits.
  • If you want to retire early, well VRS will give you lump sum money.
  • Yes there are certain exams that you need to appear for to get a Bank job, but these exams are not as difficult as one thinks.

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Teaching Jobs

  • The Pay is good is you are a University level Professor.
  • There are of course tough criteria set for eligibility and then there is NET or National Eligibility Test that needs to be cleared with good marks and add to that for certain posts PhD is preferred.
  • But with all this hard work, if you happen to land a job as a professor, then it can certainly be a high paying, secure job with lot of perks and the main being vacations.

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