Have you ever heard the line “I need this report ASAP” with an abject terror? Well if you have, then say “Bye” to it as it doesn’t have to be that way any more, if you learn these top essential microsoft excel skills.

Well, what are these skills that you need to have to succeed at your work place or making professional presentations with full of data? You need these skills to prepare presentations, reports, organize data, save calculations, etc. Okay, let’s get to the point.

Microsoft Excel – one of the best product that Microsoft has, which is widely being used by almost every professionals. Organizing data and better understanding information is the core of what excel sheet is for. The basic & the crucial formulaes that one should know –

Autofill – (Time Saving Tool)

This excellent feature of Microsoft excel can save your hours of data entry by just typing anything into the first cell that ends with a number or completing series. So filling out numbers in columns & rows are extremely easy and time saving. One can get the complete financial documentation on excel rather than maintaining documents & papers.

How to use it:

Fill up the cell first before clicking and dragging the mouse down the column to get the series or numbers automatically fill in each required cell.

Use Autofill for Formulae:

Knowing how to use this one skill, resolve many problem of manual intervention in tedious calculations. If you write a function or formula for one cell (correctly formulated) then one simple drag can make your life much easier here.

Autofill for Formula

How to use it:

Write correct formula in the cell first (where you need the value) before clicking and dragging the mouse down the column to get the series or numbers automatically fill in each required cell.

PivotTable Tool

Managing and analysing data has never been an easy task but this third skill can really help you to save yourself a tremendous amount of analysis time. PivotTable is available under the “Insert” menu. Look out for PivotTool icon, after highlighting the require data, this tool analyzes that data & extract the analysis in separate sheet where the data can be manipulated in various ways.

PivotTable Tool

How to Use it:

Click onto the PivotTable tool, and select the column that you want to analyse and manipulate. Simply add them all up? Average them? Calculate the standard deviation?

Advanced Filters

Advanced filters -one of the best excel feature that helps you with large datasets. In this, you can analyse the data based on sources or your requirement.

Short Cuts

Knowing shortcuts in microsoft excel saves lot of precious time. For example: Ctrl +C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+Z, etc. (Save you a lot of time here)