Expectations of a Candidate pursuing Industrial Account Course

When a candidate enrolls for an Industrial Account Course, he/she has deluge of expectations. He /she chooses vocational course over general courses being offered in the market such as BA, B. Com or B.Sc. as he/she wishes to get trained by Industry experts with a profound knowledge and skills in the area of Finance and Accounts with modern outlook. Now, it is the real challenge to meet the expectations with the deliverables being offered. The perceived expectations that are usually in the mind of a student while enrolling for the course are:

Guaranteed Job: This is the tagline of Industrial Accountant course. After joining the course, the usual expectation is to be fully capable enough to bag a decent job in a reputed company. The course is based on the premise of Practical and Industry oriented approach so as to enable the students to gain an insight of the real world job scenario and is tested through a series of pragmatic devices.

Industry Relevant course-ware: It is expected that the course-ware would be realistic rather than based amply on theories not in sync with current market scenario. Thus, it is the primary objective to make the course Industry oriented based on a credible jurisdiction to meet the perceived expectations with the deliverables. It is largely expected that latest updates on the development prevailing in the Industry would be duly covered in the course-ware. For example, the current buzzword in the Financial world is Goods and Services Tax (GST) which is very likely to be covered in the course-ware to acquire adequate knowledge in this futuristic topic to have an edge over others in this field.

Respectable Job:  Bagging a decent and respectable job role is the order of the day for any job seeking individual. Thus, Industrial Accountant course will enable the students to create a mark in the Financial and Accounting field so that they ideally become the prime choice of the reputable companies. Although there are several hurdles to overcome in order to get a decent job. However, by enrolling and thorough Practical and empirical training one can reap benefits and subsequently get the dream job.  Industrial Accountant course ensures an overall growth and development of a student by ascertaining not only the hard skills but also the soft skills.

Salary: The primary motivation for any individual is the pay package. Thus, an entry with a low pay package cannot be a motivational factor. Hence, acquiring skill sets that set one apart from the many who do not have an edge of Practical and Industry specific skills can ensure a student to get a job with handsome salary. The Industrial Accountant course should be designed in such a way so that the candidate will be well equipped with all the relevant knowledge and skills to get a reasonable salary.

Growth: It is true that the chief intent of joining this course is to get a decent job. However, the student expects a reasonable growth after having some years of experience. This course should not only help in getting a job but also would help in growth in career too. Growth ensures new work and new challenges. While providing training, the trainer will keep in mind future demand and job profile of the candidate also. For instance, while providing training on accounts, the trainer will have to abreast with the career ladder of a suitable candidate in the industry.

Blog written by: ICA Edu Skill