AngularJS is a web application framework which is completely JavaScript based. It is mainly maintained by Google along with many other corporations and individuals to address several challenges encountered for developing a single page application. AngularJS extends HTML attributes with instructions and binds HTML data with expressions.

AngularJS works by reading HTML page which is embedded into the additional custom tag attributes. These attributes are directed by AngularJS to bind the input and output parts of the page to a model which is represented by a JavaScript variables.


With Angular JS you can develop front end based applications without depending on any other framework or plugin. This adds a spark to your web application and has many other things to offer, I have added some of the key features of AngularJS below.

MVC: A developer has to just split the app into MVC (Model, View, Controller) components as it supports MVC and the rest is managed with the help of AngularJS.

Templates: You can use the templates which will allow you to show all the information from model and controller.

Directives: This is one of the most favourite features among the users of Angular JS. Directives are used to create HTML tags that serve as a new custom widget. It is also used as decorative elements with behaviour and manipulate DOM attributes in interesting ways.

Two-Way Data Binding: According to me data binding is the coolest yet useful feature in AngularJs. A typical web application is based on about 80 percent of code whilst AngularJS makes these codes disappear, so you can focus more on your application with the data binding feature. The two-way data-binding ensures that the change made in view will reflect in the model and vice versa.


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Career Opportunities

Below I have mentioned some of the most popular job titles which are opted by Angular JS professionals.

Web developer

Web app developer

UI developer

UI engineer

MVC web developer

Front end developer

Front end web developer

JavaScript developer

Salary Range

The average salary of an AngularJS professional ranges from Rs.2,00,000 – Rs.8,00,000 annually.

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