Financial security is a very important priority for every organisation or individual. Proper financial planning and management make a company solid, wealthy and stable. It takes effort, time and patience to implement the right strategies and to gain financial independence. Organizations hire a finance manager to deal with every financial obstacle that the company faces.

To be a financial manager you need to understand various accounting and the financial term which is not much hard to learn. Below I have mentioned some major job responsibilities that you as a finance manager need to do everyday.

Responsibilities of the job include:

Collecting, preparing and clarify reports, budgets, accounts and financial statements.

Undertaking strategic analysis and assisting with strategic plans.

Producing long-term business plans.

Undertaking research into pricing, competitors, and factors affecting performance.

Controlling income, cash flow, and expenditure.

Managing budgets.

Developing and managing financial systems.

Supervising staff

Cooperating with managerial staff and other colleagues.

These were the job duties that you as a finance manager should carry out efficiently.

Top Institutes

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Keerti Computer Institute

Asset Computer Education

St. Anthony’s Computer Education

Alif Computer Education

Universal Computer Institute


Employers often look for applicants who are good in communication and managing people and things. Below I have mentioned other skills which you should have or develop to acquire this position.

Excellent In Problem Solving


Technical Knowledge

Commercial Awareness

Numerical Abilities are crucial.


A university graduate and even SSC pass outs can opt for a career in financial management. Having a graduation degree is a surely a plus point to get employed in this field, although employers may prefer applicants who are qualified in following things.  





Management or business subjects

A relevant postgraduate qualification and/or previous work experience gained in any commercial area can be useful.

Career Opportunities

Financial administrator

Financial audit manager

Financial controller

Financial control manager

Accounting director

Financial evaluations director

Financial manager

Financial planning and advisory service manager

Financial planning and reporting director

Financial resources service co-ordinator

Corporate Budgeting and Analysis Manager

These are some famous job titles which a financial management expert opt for.

Salary Range

An average salary of a finance manager ranges from Rs.4,00,000 to Rs.9,00,000 per year.

I hope this blog has helped you to have a clear vision about financial management, if you are looking out for any finance courses then log on to and get the best institutes to master your ability.