We are all aware of this fact that the world is getting digitized. More than two third of the population across the globe are internet users. Digital media has created a significant impact in our lives. This impact has pushed organizations around the world to grab the opportunity of this uprising medium to attain numerous business objectives such as Marketing, CRM, Product Development and Research.

What Is Digital Marketing?
Promoting a brand or product on digital media (internet) is Digital Marketing. Now you might be wondering “but what does a digital marketer do?”. Here you go – A digital marketer is the one who creates plans and executes marketing campaigns on various digital channels and is also in charge of Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing.

Importance Of Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing is essential in building awareness, provide information to masses and to drive qualified prospects to conversions. As I mentioned above that two-third of the world is digitized, this is the reason why organizations are increasing their spendings on digital marketing. It offers more visibility to a brand or product.

How To Build A Career In This?
Apart from a degree or any certification in digital marketing, you should be familiar with some fundamentals to kick start your career.

To be a Digital Marketer, you should:

Have a knowledge of marketing concepts

Know some basic marketing terminology

Understand web analytics

Be aware and have an understanding of the major domains of digital marketing.

Institutes To Learn Digital Marketing

Walk_in Computer Education Centre

Computec Professionals Group

Simba Infotech

Nsdm India

Icit Computer Institute

And More

After some research and my own experience of working in marketing, the best designations in Digital Marketing are:

Digital Marketer

SEO Specialist

Social Media Marketer

PPC Specialist

Content Marketer

I hope this blog has helped you to have a clear understanding about Digital Marketing. If you are looking out for digital marketing course then log on to www.hunarr.co.in and find the best institutes to be a successful digital marketer.